Anna’s Guide to Getting Even

Laura Heffernan
Narrator: Raquel Beatti

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Anna has a perfect life until a hurricane decimates her home. As if losing all of her worldly possessions isn’t enough, her problems soon become even more devastating. When her ex-boyfriend Eric decides to plaster private photos of Anna all around town, she loses what little remained in her life. Once she truly hits rock bottom, Anna decides enough is enough. Eric is the one who caused all of her problems, so he is the one who has to pay.

“Anna’s Guide to Getting Even” is a story of heartbreak and triumph! The emotional journey Anna goes on is both believable and gripping! It’s clear Ms. Heffernan took a lot of time to research everything in this novel thoroughly. From the hurricane itself, to all of the legal proceedings, the attention to details makes the reader feel as though they are in the moment with Anna. Each portion of the book is so well planned and crafted together! There are a few moments where the first portion of the book feels a bit slow because of the time taken to create the setting. From there, it is like a snowball rolling down a mountain: it picks up in speed and intensity until the dramatic ending!

Raquel Beatti’s performance is one full of energy that keeps the pace moving forward, even during the slower portions. Her characters are well done. She has taken the effort to connect to each, no matter how small of a part they might play in the book.

Fans of books where tragedy is overcome will greatly enjoy this novel!

Chelsea Andersen