Poetry Corner: Spring Awakes


Winds begin to warm, and

gently stroke Spring awake,

trees yawn and neophyte leaves

begin to rise from cradled buds


Flowers from seasons past 
peek out of slumber 

shake off winter's freeze 

and stretch toward the sun 


Colors burst and dissolve winters grey 

the green grass, the yellow dandelion

clouds fluffy and white, surf 

bluest skies in longer days 

of bright warm sunlight


Temperatures are not yet cruel 

porch swings sway with morning coffee

and lemonade in evening twilight


Children play outside and

giggles float in wind streams

summer love plants a seed and

young lovers hold hands and wonder 


Gentle rains splash away 

months of sidewalk dirt 

there scent of purity 

that floats into memories 

and we know that 

Spring is awakening