Under the Stars (Cedar Bend Book 1)


Gabriel Marshall has offered himself up at the 4th Annual Cedar Bend Bachelor Auction to help raise money for a good cause. He prides himself on being a typical confirmed bachelor and knows that a winning bid should lead to a night of passion that he can walk away from with no strings attached.  When Sophie Wheeler outbids the other women vying for his attention, Gabe is shocked.  Sophie Wheeler is the town genius, a second-grade teacher who longs to feel “normal.” Gabe cannot read and feels inferior when he is near her. Will a bachelor auction be the place Gabe and Sophie meet their soul mate? 

 "Under the Stars" is a fast-paced beginning to the Cedar Bend series and features characters dealing with past issues and learning to look forward to the future. The author captures readers with in-depth descriptions, then makes them fall in love with the characters, flaws and all. Ms. Delugar tackles the subject of dyslexia and is able to portray the struggles of a character dealing with it, describing this in such a way that readers actually feel compassion and hurt along with Gabe. Both Gabe and Sophie are able to overcome pasts that seemed crippling, but are conquered with love and guidance. “Under the Stars” is a must-read, unputdownable love story! 

Tina Donovan