Recent Interviews

Have you ever experienced one of those weird déja vu moments when you meet someone and could swear you’ve known them forever?  Well, that is exactly what happened the first time I met Christine.  From her very first hello, I found a completely down-to-earth, open and incredibly sweet woman who was honest and easy to talk to...

The husband and wife writing duo of  Ilona Andrews have always been a HUGE staff favorite here at InD’tale but one of the most illusive to track down and get an interview with!  Persistence paid off, however, and we finally had the pleasure of spending some time with this amazing couple.Both Ilona and Gordon are extremely personable and fun to visit with.  Ilona, while admitting to being seriou

From the very second we met Roxanne (or Rocky, as she prefers) we knew it was going to be a great day.  She is instantly warm and friendly, laughing often and making everyone near her feel as if they are old friends.  In fact we had so much fun visiting with her that when it came time to edit the conversation no one found anything UNinteresting enough to cut!  She holds a wealth of wisdom while

In the course of our lives, we come across many fun, smart, talented people.  Every once in a while, we also meet those rare few who are truly sit-up-and-take- notice inspiring.  Brenda Novak fits into the last category.  

Have you ever wondered why we don’t promote more hunky models on the pages of InD’tale magazine? Well, while we enjoy a beautiful face, accompanied with a longing sigh, as much as the next person, we also value the person inside—the human being that inhabits a beautiful face.