Recent Interviews

Sheldon Siegel describes himself as a Chicago Jewish guy enjoying the warmth of California.  If you take every single positive connotation that portrays, you’ll have a pretty accurate assessment of the man, himself.  He is warm, friendly, very unassuming but with a quirky dry wit that pops out in unintentional one-liners throughout the conversation.

Oh my goodness!  I have just met one of the BEST gals I have ever had the pleasure to interview!   She is so much fun to talk to!  Let’s see if I can adequately explain the first impression.  Initially, she is a bit shy, a little nervous and hesitant but within minutes her sweet, upbeat personality bubbles over and before long she has anyone she talks to laughing and wishing she were their best

Julie Lessman is an anomaly.  She grew up under circumstances that would embitter even the best of souls, yet she is bubbly, happy with a contagious energy that makes everyone around her smile.  Her faith and  zest for life have led her to write stories about overcoming, about believing and about passion.  Yep!

TIFFANY SNOW: Have you ever had a friend who is just kind to the bone?  Who is sensitive, supportive, thoughtful and just plain... well, good? If you have, then you already know Tiffany Snow. Since I first met her a few years ago, every single time I have seen her, she has greeted me with a hug, a smile and a genuine warmth and concern that few have ever surpassed.

ROBYN PETERMAN: I originally met Robyn a few years ago at an intimate meet-n-greet. I was the founder of a small, up-and-coming magazine, she was the big-name actress turned author everyone was gushing about. Needless to say, I was a bit intimidated. So, I kept quiet and watched as she joked and visited with each and every person in the room like they were old friends.