Recent Interviews

Describe Melissa Foster?  Impossible!  How does one capture so much energy, passion, creativity and drive, then wrap it up in genuine kindness and explain it in just a few sentences?  Her love for life is contagious, she is super fun to chat with, very easy to like, and a person we all wish we could keep up with!

Everyone knows how popular courtroom drama can be on television, but to read?  Well, never underestimate the thrillers this Courtroom Queen can deliver!  With twists and turns no one can ever guess, Rebecca Forster is a genius of the genre.  But what is she like in person?  One word - AWESOME!  Warm, friendly, completely down to earth, instant BFF material.

Writing for Thrills

BRETT BATTLES, WRITING FOR THRILLS: I’ve often wondered what type of personality people who spend their days writing about grisly murders and their aftermath have - those gifted ones who can make you perch on the edge of your seat, heart pumping while reading of the most terrible people and hoping they don’t really exist - at least not in your world.

RICK MILES, THE MAN THAT MAKES IT HAPPEN AT RED COAT PR: Before InD'tale set up the interview with Rick, we had never even thought about PR.Then in our interview with Ann Perry, [in the February issue] who is huge, she said, "At some point all authors are going to have a PR person.

Have you ever been in the company of a person whose mere presence exudes strength?  One who produces thoughts and ideas that seem to come from eons of life, exhibiting a depth of human understanding that few will ever know, whose well of wisdom runs so deep that all you have to do is sit with them to drink?