Home Sweet Home


With our world in a different place like never before, everything seems to be heading toward a new way to live... Being safe and smart will help everyone. Follow the guidelines and we will get through this together... just a little differently than we did before.
While things slowly move forward, we must remember what we have learned. To be diligent, understanding, and thoughtful to those around us, and our loved ones, who need a little extra help and safety. Wash your hands, keep socially distanced and wear a mask.
If you ask people what has changed for them over these last few months, you will get a different answer from each one. Everyone’s life has changed in a variety of ways. The main change is that we have all become more aware; paying attention to our surroundings, how we react, and our perceptions of all we see. Our work, fun, play, and entertainment are altered now. Some for the better, actually.
Let’s take work as an example. People are working from home more, which has definite positive and negative sides.
On the plus side, we don’t have to sit in commute traffic, and best of all, we don’t have to get up 3 hours before work to get ready. Just set your alarm for 15 minutes before you start, roll over, drag yourself to the kitchen to get some brain juice and go to work! It also helps the environment by removing massive amounts of toxic car emissions. See? Some very positive things right there.
Then there is the money saved on gas that we can now use for important things like Cheetos and cookies... it’s a give and take kind of thing. Just don’t look in the mirror as you shuffle by. (...that can’t be what you really look like, holy smokes, you need a coffee and a bagel!)

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