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When people talk about movies made from books, it seems like they always claim that the book was so much better. For good reason, the books usually are. Part of this stems from the practical limitations of movies, chiefly, they typically have to cut significant parts of the story so they're not three or four hours long.

In every author interview I’ve given, one question invariably comes up: “What suggestions do you have for new and aspiring writers?”  I could offer specific and concrete recommendations, like write every day or commit to 1000’s of words daily, I choose to go a different route. My first suggestion is always the same: Attend a writers’ conference.

Authors understand (or should) the incredible value of good Beta readers. Getting early feedback on your characters, plot, and pacing can make any novel or story better. But how can an author maximize the value of your volunteer Beta readers? What can authors do to create great Beta readers?

Whimsical Identity Theft

WARNING—to any young children reading this, stop immediately! Major adult stuff coming up.

If you want to or have offered to be a Beta reader, how do you find out what the author wants?