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You Wrote WHAT About My Novel?!?
Philippa Jane

Review = a great opportunity for readers and a much anticipated, much dreaded event for authors. Right now, reader reviews can be one of the best marketing tools for an author if they go well and the most damaging attack to an author’s reputation if they go wrong.

All of us in this business, from writers to readers and everyone in between, have a vision for where things are going.  We are all on a journey.  None of us know with absolute certainty what happens next.  All we can do is position ourselves for the future we prophetically or delusionally imagine.  History will judge us all.  Those who position correctly will be rewarded.  Those who aren't prep

I love the way your eyes wrinkle when you smile, making chuckle lines, crow's feet, crinkles, happy crinkles.  Crinkles that say you’ve lived - worried, squinted, cried, hurt, and above all - laughed.

As you all know, any degree of success as an author calls for a recipe with several ingredients: talent, skill/craft, determination/perseverance, and a willingness to promote yourself shamelessly. I’m writing this piece to focus your attention on that last item, and to modify it.

The Finer Points of Editing
Mary Nancy

Writing is a process. It is not a "one stop shop" adventure. It begins with an idea and morphs into characters that walk, talk, and harass the author until they take shape on the page. Next, come the details - settings, descriptions, and conversations. When that is complete, it is time to flesh out a story, to make sure everything the author wants to say is included, before the final ending...