You Have Something To Say? Here's How!

Julie L.

While this is a side step from the technical heavy software series, it is not out of the realm. And, this being RONE Award voting, then judging season,  more eyeballs than ever are on the magazine. And this is a subject that has been brought up. A lot. By myself. My boss. Other authors. Readers.

"I have something to say about books!" There is not one reader or author who cannot legitimately say that. Whether it's how to pick your next favorite read, find the bestest new authors, the differences of genres, the process, the craft, the business, how to connect online or in person... Every one of us who loves to read or write has something we want to reach out and share with others.
Even if it's a deeply hidden desire. Even those readers who have a secret yearning to see some of their own words in print somewhere. It does not take a novel or short story to make that happen.
Having been a part of this magazine for the past seven years, I have seen many words - so many words. First as a reviewer, then an editor and a judge for contests. I have graded student essays aimed at equivalency tests. So many words. I have also heard tons of words at conferences aimed at writing and education. And regardless of who or where or what... a universal truth is that all people want to be heard. They have something to say.
Fiction is a craft, and does not come easily to most. Writing is time consuming, and so many of us have little extra time. But everyone has a point they want to make about something. So while the RONE season is in full swing, I want to give you a step by step "HOW TO", with a massive side of pom-pom waving of "You Can Do It!" about writing an article for any magazine. Or us. We like them (just plugging).
Part of my day job is teaching students how to write a short, sweet, coherent essay, capable of passing an equivalency test. Even if they don't like the subject picked, they all have something to say about it, and I get to guide them on how to put it together. It's this part of my life that has sometimes prompted me to get after my boss for saying "Yes" to an article before reading it.
You see, there are AMAZING fiction authors out there. Truly amazing. But a fictional story, even a short story, is not a short, sweet essay. And there are experts on everything under the sun - but a technical journal abstract is not an essay. Yet, that is really what a typical magazine article is. An essay.

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