On Wine and Fiction


Fiction genres are like fine wines: you can never really have too much of them, and they pair beautifully with so many different things!
Each genre can stand on its own. Romance novels can be ONLY about the romance, and don’t need any additional genre elements. A good science fiction novel can focus exclusively on the science, while a well-written fantasy story will make you marvel at the magic and wonder of an alternate world.
But when you blend them together, that’s when you get subtle, delicate, complex “flavors” of fiction that really stand out.

Let’s be honest, romance pairs with just about EVERYTHING.
Every single genre tends to include romance of some sort—after all, we all (not so secretly) love romance, and it will make any book feel more realistic. A well-written romantic relationship within a story isn’t going to take over other genres, but will enhance them.
Focusing chiefly on the romance doesn’t detract from the thrill of the added genre aspects. A well-crafted fantasy romance can still bring in all the action, drama, and epic stakes that makes fantasy a thrill ride. A dystopian romance, set in a post-apocalyptic landscape, can still show how bleak the world is but give the reader a taste of how love flourishes even in barren wastelands.
Romance is a flavor we can all enjoy!
Science Fiction
Science fiction is about the future, looking forward to the next heights mankind will achieve in technology, exploration, colonization, perhaps even contact with extra-terrestrial life forms.
Science fiction will typically stand on its own, but blending subtle flavors into the mix can lead to fascinating new sub-genres.
Mix in cybernetic technology, computers of the future, and artificial intelligences, and you’ve got the complex and fascinating cyberpunk and technothriller genres.
Set the story in a time of war, and you’ve got military sci-fi, which showcases the valor and grit of the best in futuristic soldiers...

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