Why We Love Psychic Powers.


There’s something thrilling about psychic abilities! The ability to speak with the dead. To manipulate objects or even move them with the power of our minds. To control unexplained, spiritual, and metaphysical entities. To bring to life psychic phenomena in a visible, tangible way.
What’s not to love about that? In a world of mundanity and humdrum routine, it’s wonderful to imagine something bigger, greater, and more marvelous out there.
The belief in psychic abilities dates back to ancient times. Prophets in the Bible were asked to see the future. Priests in Ancient Egypt and Assyria acted as Seers. The Oracle at Delphi was said to deliver prophecies inspired by Apollo, even speaking in Apollo’s voice. It’s believed Nostradamus was able to predict the future and wrote prophecies that, even now, fascinate people around the world.
But that faith hasn’t faded in modern times. According to a 2005 survey conducted by The Gallup Organization, 41% of respondents believed in ESP, 31% believed in psychic communication or telepathy, and 26% believed in clairvoyance.
Psychic abilities—the power to speak to the dead, the ability to channel spirits, telekinesis, “spiritual sight,” or the ability to see things only visible in the “spiritual realm,” seeing the future, and reading minds—are all highly popular topics in modern fiction. From fantasy to science fiction to mysteries and thrillers, psychic powers are commonly used to add an element of the supernatural to even the most grounded fiction.
But what is it about psychic powers that so fascinates us? Why are we drawn to these things that, as of yet, cannot be scientifically proven?
Belief in a higher power.
The vast majority of people around the world believe in a higher power of some sort: God, Allah, Buddha, the Universe, Gaia, the list goes on. There is ample evidence to make a solid argument for intelligent design, and even leading scientists admit there could be a creator behind the universe.
Seeing as this belief in a higher power is ingrained deep within most of us, psychic powers serve as a “visible example” of those powers being manifested. Even if our personal version of “God” never appears before us, the thought that we could communicate with angels or spirits fills us with hope and the promise of that divine existence. In a way, it’s a validation of our belief systems which is fully socially acceptable, even in a society where believers and religions are mocked or dismissed.
A desire for control.
In a world filled with chaos, we do everything we can to gain some semblance of control over our lives. There is so much that is out of our hands, but the human psyche is always trying to find ways to take back power and avoid the feeling of powerlessness that so often plagues us.
Psychic abilities are a perfect manifestation of that desire for control. With clairvoyance, we can see the future, and thus have some measure of control over the outcome. With telekinesis, we can literally control the immovable, everyday objects around us—a figurative stand-in for all the minutiae in our lives we can’t control.

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