Who's On Your Publishing Team?


If you’re publishing a book with the goal of generating sales or adding value to your business, chances are you’ll outsource at least some aspect of the process. Indie publishing has few standards or requirements, and anyone can publish just about anything, of any quality—there are few gatekeepers. As a result, self-published books can have a mixed reputation.
As a rule, professionally produced books garner higher return on investment than books which have quality issues or which miss a target audience’s expectations. Publishing for profit is a business, and like any business, there are costs associated with it. Costs may include time, money, education or training, or any combination thereof.
Each author will value these costs differently. A recently retired empty nester, starting a new adventure in life, may have all the time in the world to do research, attend training or conferences, and learn the many skills necessary to publish professionally. On the other end of the spectrum, a working parent, who balances the demands of the office, family, and home, may prefer to hire and pay professionals for each step in the process. Some authors even hire ghostwriters for their books.
For most, the situation lies somewhere in between. Costs for services vary widely based on your book and the service providers you may choose to work with. As an Indie author, you may opt to handle most aspects of your book’s production yourself. There may still be costs associated with publication: purchasing ISBNs, publishing with a distributor (not all charge, but IngramSpark and others do), copyright registration, etc.
You may opt to hire everything out to a self-publishing company that will handle everything from editing to marketing to book printing. [A quick note: If you opt for this path, thoroughly research the company you intend to work with. The costs are exceptionally high, and authors aren’t always pleased with the results. Be sure to understand the scope of the services offered and contact other writers who have worked with them to get first-hand accounts about their experiences.]

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