Vespers: A Never Prayer Story, FINALE!!

Aaron Michael

In the car, Fiona is driving through the sloppy snow on the street, piling ever higher. Eladio is pale, holding an old t-shirt to the knife wound in his shoulder. Goy whimpers on his lap, licking his arm.
“I’m sorry, Fiona, I’m so sorry,” Eladio murmurs. “I should have known he’d follow me. But I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. I’m sorry.”
Fiona wipes her face, smearing her make-up further. “It’s okay. We made it out. It’s okay. But who was that girl?”
“An angel,” Eladio says, smiling, tears in his eyes. “Angels have been trying to save my life all day long.”
That makes me sigh. Well, it would if I still had the right parts to make such a noise. I knew Eladio was smart, a good guy, worth all of my struggles.
We’re on the highway to the airport, plenty of time to catch the plane, but how badly is he wounded? Will they let him on the plane with such a severe injury? If only we could patch it up. I rest myself and wait for the answer to come, which it does. He has an emergency medical kit. It’s under the back seat. I get Goy’s eyes to follow me, and then I call to him from the back seat. He gets up and runs into the back seat, where I motion to the little plastic bag full of medical supplies. Scooping it up in his mouth, he races back into the front seat and pushes it into Eladio’s hands.
Eladio laughs. “Good Goy.” Bandaged, he would make it on the plane. He can go to an emergency room in St. Louis. Perfect. It is all working out perfectly.
“But angels don’t really exist, right?” Fiona asks. “I mean, maybe there are spirits around, but they can’t become human. It’s impossible.”

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