The Theory of Typing for Money


There's a lot of exciting ways authors can make their books or manuscripts more desirable. Lots of trends, classes, webinars, and how-to books everywhere, each outlining many things “successful” writers do, know, and understand. Many put them to good use with the intent to sell a lot of books, and though everyone’s definition of successful is different, you can find many hidden gems—books where the author took the time to write the story well.
If you're like me, publishing a book takes time. Besides writing, then rewriting, most like to have test readers supply feedback on the writing, especially plot, narrative flow, pacing, and dialogue. And once done, an editor must be engaged to perform their magic on the work.
In the end, you have a beautiful piece of work any author would be proud to call their own. That is how I have learned to publish books. Not just my own manuscripts, but those of authors who have been accepted by my publishing company.
A few months ago, my writers' community hosted a meeting where the guest speaker took us through the “20 Books to 50K” model of writing. It floored just about everyone, and many members took a lot of notes.
The premise is to write a series of 20 books and release them in rapid succession with little more than a month between each. The books need to tie into each other and draw the reader through an intertwining storyline.
Although I thought the idea an excellent one, to get the work out there in such rapid succession must be a draw on any author’s creative mind, and getting edits done for each release would also be a massive economical strain on one's finances.
That's when the bomb exploded.

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