Takin' It To The Streets


So, you have a new masterpiece in your hands, ready to send out into the world, or if it’s an eBook, to send out to eReaders. Your newest story is done and the everyone needs to know that this insightful masterpiece of wisdom and storytelling is about to arrive for their appreciation and admiration. In other words, you have to start promoting.
There are at least a million ways to promote. The problem is, as is so often the case, finding the time to clone yourself to post on every social media site, get reviews, encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, sending out that newsletter—and all the other myriad things one person can’t physically do, even if they’re an octopus with eight legs and an endless supply of ink.
That is where a Street Team comes in handy.
This consists of a dedicated group of your biggest fans who await each book you write with eagerness and (mostly) patience. They “like” your every post, share all your news, laugh at your jokes, and generally do everything a fan should, up to and including wearing the latest crazy t-shirt with your name on it.
First of all, you, as the star of the show, get to select the name of your team. This opens a whole world of fun and can be as crazy as you want. Rowdy Readers, Book Divas, or Page Warriors fit the bill. There are the Bluestocking Belles for historical romances, and the Shapely Shifters for…well…shifter romances, but you can also stick with your name and put Street Team after it. (By the way, my Street Team is the Kinky Kittens. Shameless plug for some awesome readers who deserve it.)
When setting up your Street Team, it helps to treat it like directing a “boy band.” Think of the Backstreet Boys, BTS, Spice Girls, N*Sync, etc. This will make it easier to find different personalities to help get your message out to the masses.

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