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Thanks for your interest in submitting your book to for review. It's great authors like yourself that make this site what it is! Thank you!

If this is your first time, all you need to do is register an account with, (we will NOT sell, rent or give your information to anyone!) Please read the guidelines carefully to make sure your book falls within our parameters. Then just fill out our book submission form, it's simple and easy! You will then receive a confirmation link in your email box to confirm your address with You will get an access denied error on the above link until you've created your account and verified your email address. Thanks for your understanding.

Please Note! You should expect at least a two to three month (three issue) turn-around before your review is published. This has been the standard in traditional publishing throughout time, and unfortunately, it is one we just can't work around. The time it takes to process, send books out to reviewers to read, review and return, then edit, format, upload and publish just can't be cut down any sooner!

We read and review between 80 and 120 books each month! So, as much as we would like to include every book, every month - we've had to incorporate a tier system. Those who advertise with us will automatically be bumped to the earliest available issue. All other submissions that meet our guidelines will be reviewed on a first come/first serve basis.

Did you know that InD'tale can provide a publishable quote for your upcoming release? If this is something you'd be interested in, please reach out to our Review Coordinator at [email protected] as soon as you submit your book, and we will do our best to accomodate you with one. 

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