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Due to system maintenance, we are unable to accept any book submissions at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, and please check back with us soon.

Thank you for your interest in InD’tale magazine’s audiobook reviews! Our staff absolutely loves to listen and are excited for the opportunity to review the books being sent in. Before submitting your audiobook, please read the terms below.  That way this can be a positive experience for everyone involved.

Terms of Review:

First and foremost, please understand that our main objective is to provide honest and competent reviews that listeners can trust and rely on when choosing books.  We will do our best to stay positive but will be completely up-front and honest in our opinions.   If you are submitting your audiobook for review, you can be assured it will get fair and unbiased treatment.  If you are strictly looking for promotion, this may not be the right place to go.

You can be assured that each and every time you submit an audiobook for review here at InD’tale, you will be treated as though it is your first time.  Previous book reviews will never be considered when determining the quality of the book presently being read.  Each work will be judged solely on its merits and the performance of the narrator(s) and not on the strengths or weaknesses found in previous offerings.  This is an important guarantee that benefits both new authors as well as seasoned veterans.

Because of the high volume of submissions we are receiving, we will no longer be able to review short stories.  Review submissions will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis with the following criteria:  We will continue to strive to review every submission but must ensure those who have supported us by advertising first review status.  Those who include their cover images will receive second review status.  Reviews with neither will be included last.

There is a $20.00 service fee for all reviews submitted. This is NOT a payment for review and should not be considered as such.  It is merely a fee to cover the cost of uploading, formatting and publishing each review.

Author Guidelines:

  1. We review all mainstream genres. The audiobook must include a romantic thread within the story.  This does not mean the audiobook must be a romance.  It does mean that a love relationship plays at least some role in the overall story. All audiobooks must be written in story form. 
  2.  We do not accept:
    • Stories under 20,000 words.
    • Boxed Sets that include multiple full-length novels.  Each audiobook needs to be submitted separately in order to be adequately reviewed.
    • While we gladly review anthologies, we do NOT accept those that contain incomplete stories.  All stories must have a distinct beginning, middle and end. We cannot accept anthologies that are OVER 500 PAGES. 
    • Children through Middle Grade books, Graphic novels, Poetry, Erotic romance, Erotica, BDSM, Menage or LGBTQ, instructional manuals, memoirs, or self-help books.  We hope to add more genres as we grow and have the means with which to do so.  However, at this time, with the high number of book submissions we receive each month, we are just not able to accomodate all the great books and genres available.  Any book submitted containing these subjects wil be given an automatic DNF rating.
    • InD'tale does NOT accept audiobooks that contain descriptions of extreme violence (including graphic scenes of rape, torture etc), incest, bestiality or any other extreme topic.  If we find any of these topics in an audiobook submitted, it will receive an automatic DNF rating.
  3. If you want your audiobook’s review to run concurrent with its publication date, please send it at least two months before the release date.

All audiobooks must have a DECEMBER 2021 OR LATER publication date. With the high level of submissions, we are sorry, but we are no longer able to review re-edited, revised or re-published works, which includes revised new editions that precede this deadline.

  1. We will include a cover picture and clickable purchase link to run alongside your book’s review both on the website and in the interactive magazine at no extra charge.  If you would like this service, just specify in the appropriate box on the Author submission form.  NO nudity (any parts not covered in a swimsuit) of any kind on the cover graphic is allowed,

Please be aware before submitting your audiobook:

  1. InD’tale reserves the right to refuse any submission. If it does not fit within our guidelines, we will not review it.
  2. Submission does not guarantee a review.  We will do all in our power to accommodate as many audiobooks as possible but there may be circumstances in which we are unable to meet the demand or cannot listen to your book. 
  3. Once your audiobook has been accepted and listened to for review, it will not be pulled from the site if the author or narrator does not like the review. Upon submission the author gives the right to the magazine and its reviewer to publish that review.
  4. InD’tale is the sole owner of all content printed in the magazine.  Authors or narrators can re-post reviews only if a link back to the review and or the site is included.  All other re-posting or quoting must gain permission in writing from us prior to using the content. This is easy to do, just e-mail TJ at [email protected] with your request. Permission to post our content in any form and charge for it is expressly forbidden.
  5. The $20.00 service fee is non-refundable.  So, PLEASE make sure your book falls into our guidelines before submitting!!

Our Rating System:


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If you have read and agree with the above conditions, please check the box below and let’s get that audiobook!