See Food Diet


I know it is a cliché title, but a lot of us see food and all we think of is eating it. Yes. “Food” is my second favorite “F” word.
Family is first.
But, on a more serious note, the pandemic has made all of us a little lax when it comes to our diets. With everything we enjoy easily available for home delivery thanks to Uber Eats, Grub Hub, Amazon/WalMart delivery, we have all been prey to the curse of the Quarantine Fifteen. (Pounds, that is.)
I do love the delivery places. When a craving for a good burrito—and chips and salsa—hits, it arrives at the door and I don’t even have to turn off that Netflix series I'm binge-watching. (Confess, everyone. Even if you read the books, you too were glued to Bridgerton’s every episode.)
And now, just like the glut of New Year’s, television, emails, and social media are blasting us with advertising and links to websites about how to lose weight. Miracle pills, super-charged exercises, and the million and one different things to eat that will turbo-charge your metabolism and turn you into a lean, mean, fighting machine!
Then there are all the meal plans you can follow that will guarantee losing 30 pounds in a certain amount of time. (Like 20 minutes!) Eat their frozen food, and the weight will vanish like snow in a heatwave. Personally, I think all that food is made out of some... things from outer space because it tastes like alien-organic-goop, and will probably turn you green.
And, of course, after you get through spending thousands of dollars to lose the weight, you go back to normal human food and gain it all back. Tacos and pizza taste amazing, and always will.
Where was I? Oh, yeah.
There are far too many of those kinds of diets to list here, so I decided to create my own diet: The Cookie Diet.
Yes, you heard me right.
Let’s think about this for a minute. What are the actual ingredients that go into oatmeal raisin cookies? I checked out the Internet to prove it most certainly does fulfill all the good nutritional requirements, and all the recipes agree with me. Cookies are a health food.

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