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PARANORMAL:  After escaping the town from hell with their lives mostly intact, Racer, Arloe, and Locke are hiding out in a campsite when the demon known as Coach finds them.

Éamonn and his family meet other Travelers like themselves as well as locals at the horse fair in Ballyshannon, Ireland, but it’s Katie that steals his heart.

Paralegal Claire Jackson attempts to keep the law office running while her bosses, Matthew Price and Dani Brosen, recover from their injuries - Matt from a car accident that has left him blind and Dani fr

Rowan McAuliffe has a secret - a big one - that could get her killed by the very people from whom she’s hiding. Greyson Masters is hunting her, but the Mage High Council has ordered him to bring her in alive for questioning.

Federal Orphan Anika Washington has been given a second chance. Recruited by U.N.I.T., United Nations Intelligence Trust, she is finally offered the opportunity to belong.