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A Deep Thing

Kendall’s husband Tim died in a freak diving accident, even though he was an expert. Trying to move on afterward is impossible, especially once Kendall finds out he kept secrets from her - big ones.

Thanks to her recent divorce, Jillian is now free from her ex-husband and she vows to never have anything to do with singing cowboys again. Cole is one of those singing cowboys, but has his own demons. He is taking time off from his lucrative career to take care of his drinking problem. Fate has set the two of them side by side in first class on a plane.

WESTERN:  Brody has been picked up by the law again - caught stealing food for his neighbor. This time it is different.

WESTERN:  Molly Rose has come from Tucson to Colorado to visit her brother, but he isn’t there to greet her. What she doesn’t know is that his partner, Jake, has been watching her every move.

Ex-child star Jana Lane is the star of a murder mystery show. An ex-detective, Christopher Bove, plays the part of her husband.