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Alexander of Talisand – serving under William Rufus - cements his reputation as the Black Wolf, no different from when his father, Sir Renaud de Pierrepont, became known as the

Sally Muccio, owner of Sally’s Samples bakery, is gearing up for her upcoming wedding to fiancé Mike Donovan. When her sister Gianna is assigned a member of the local mob as a client in the public defenders' office, things start to heat up. Gianna gets called away from a party to meet with him and disappears.

SCI-FI:  People of Earth are mystified when three towns in the Arctic Circle, Russia and China are destroyed.

Zoe Canja, a beautiful Creole waitress working in a local bar, overhears some disturbing information about the voodoo-based village she calls home.

A Fence Around Her

HISTORICAL:  It’s 1900 in Bodie, a California mining town that has seen better days. Ruth Conoboy lives with her father, head machinist at the town’s stamp mill, and her mother, who suffers because of the town’s unforgiving double standard against former whores like her.