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Melina Rowes life changes when she runs into an elderly man.  Walter is a guiding angel, and their collision activates a latent ability to absorb his powers as a guiding angel

The Woman Behind the Letters
Laura Lee

This is a first-hand view of the Civil War through the letters of a young woman with her fiancé. Their journey of hope in the face of despair unfolds; as they pray to be reunited again when the war ends.

An Unholy Alliance

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Reyna Blair has been on her own in the cold, cruel world since her parents were murdered and she was being severely injured in the same attack.

Five of Hearts

Dean gained fame and fortune as the lead singer of a wildly popular boy band.  Ten years later, the preposterous paternity suits and phony people continue to plague him.  Trading his Malibu mansion for anonymous living in coastal Maine, Dean finally gains the peace and quiet he is seeking - until three mischievous children invade his backyard and their down-to-earth mother tempts him with their

Three friends.  One college.  Different dreams.