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CRIME/POLICE PROCEDURAL:  When the body of a drug-addicted prostitute is found in a river, authorities chalk it up to another tragic accident involving a woman who got in over her head. Given the nature of her life, no one bats an eye and life moves on, except examiner Michelle McNeill thinks the woman has been murdered, and NYPD detective Mike Stoneman agrees.

DYSTOPIAN:  Chemist Cali and genetically modified “Icon” Eve are given the chance to compete for the opportunity of a lifetime! Desperate for better lives, they unite to form Team Damned and Beautiful, and if they win, they will experience luxury and love as a much-needed breeder. The task? Turn a waste lagoon into something practical that will benefit society.

Unpack Your Travel Budget : Change Your Lifestyle and See The World
Marianne Curcio
Narrator: Mary Beth Peterson

INSPIRATIONAL/MEMOIR:  A guide to seeing the world on a tight budget, “Unpack Your Travel Budget” shares tips to  save readers money so they can see amazing places and experience other cultures. But it also will have them reevaluating their life’s priorities .

It’s a classic cliché: wannabe music star runs off to Nashville, certain she’ll be “discovered.” That’s Kat Becker, although she sets out with a bit more advantage than most. A big-time celebrity taped one of her performances and the video went viral.

A Dangerous Observer

GOTHIC ROMANCE:  Young Cecily Jaine is beautiful but also penniless, making her an unfit bride for the young man pursuing her. When a handsome war veteran takes a fancy to her, and then proposes marriage, she jumps at the chance. He is a widower, but seems truly enchanted with her.