The Woodlands (The Woodlands #1)

Lauren Nicolle
Young Adult

Being different in one of the eight cities of the Woodlands is the worst thing to be, especially when the ruling class wants to make a perfect race-less society. Born with two different colored eyes, sixteen-year old Rosa stands out quite a bit already, but her stubborn need to rebel causes her to be in more trouble than even she’d like, especially when it involves falling for a boy she knows she’ll never be allowed to be with. However, when she is taken to be part of a fertilization program she discovers that her one chance of survival is the same boy whose differences give them both a chance of survival.


A clean YA Dystopia, “The Woodlands” is a fast paced read that has echoes of “The Hunger Games” and “Among the Hidden” series. Rosa is a survivor, slow to form attachments and rational to a fault. Joseph is strong and loving and destined for better things. The love between the two is fraught with drama but never wavers. The focus, however, is on Rosa’s view of the society in which she is trying to survive, and the problems in it. Their escape from the Cities is engrossing and the emotions capture the reader’s attention. Although the story can be confusing at times due to Rosa’s sometimes drugged or disoriented point of view, overall, this is a great read for Dystopian fans, particularly since the next book is already out and will answer some questions at the end.


Sarah E. Bradley