Wolf Moon: A Grazi Kelly Novel

Young Adult

Grazi Kelly lives a normal life with her grandmother in New Jersey, attending Catholic school and helping her grandmother in the garden. As long as she avoids her annoying cousin, life is good. And then, on the night of the full moon, everything changes. People are suddenly being attacked by a wild beast and when a couple of new people arrive at school, Grazi discovers that her family has been keeping their true nature hidden from her, and that it’s her job to hunt down the evil monsters. Of course, when she's not training to hunt evil, Grazi finds herself torn between the boy she’s crushed on forever, and the handsome exchange students who knows her secrets. One thing is for certain, this werewolf girl isn’t so normal after all.


A thrilling paranormal YA, “Wolf Moon” isn’t the average werewolf story. Although like many other werewolf books Grazi is a teen who doesn’t know she’s a werewolf, in this story, werewolves aren’t just running around in individual packs but rather working for the Catholic Church as evil-monster hunters. Grazi is a good and hardworking teen who is just trying to do her best for her grandmother and make it through school. She balances between kick butt and lost damsel in distress without going overboard in either direction and the romance between Grazi and her crush Sebastian is sweet, even while the new student Ronan draws her attention in a love triangle. Overall, a good read for YA werewolf fans.


Sarah E. Bradley