The Witches of Vegas

Young Adult

FANTASY:  From a very young age, Isis could make things happen… bad things. As a result, her foster parents are trying to kill her. Right when she is about to meet her maker, she is rescued by a man with similar powers. He takes her in and makes her a part of his coven, his family, and teaches her to use her powers. When Isis is fifteen, she is finally allowed to be a part of their Vegas act, “The Witches of Vegas”. While doing the show, she meets Zach, who, like her, is a part of his uncle’s magic show. The two strike up a friendship and then must join together with his uncle and Isis’s adopted family to defeat a four hundred year old witch with an ax to grind. 

This story will tug at your heartstrings in so many ways! The author does a fantastic job of weaving a tale of heartbreak, first love, the thrill of accomplishment and self sacrifice. Readers will find themselves transported to the bright lights and night life of downtown Vegas as they become engrossed in the adventure unfolding for Isis. The descriptions of the strip, the hotels, and entertainment to be found are spot-on, leading readers deeper into Sin City and all that transpires there. The story concludes with a brave choice by a character that inspires a victory for the witches and happiness for the future.

Carly Fulmer