Witch Way to Vegas (The Witches of Vegas, Book 4)

Young Adult
PARANORMAL: Teenagers Isis Rivera and Zack Galloway have survived a battle of the ages against the Wiccan vampire Valeria. After returning from an alternate future, the two must come to terms with “normal” despite the scars that remain; scars that start to make Isis’ magic go wonky. While she grapples with trying to understand what’s going wrong inside of her, Zack is being tempted by a new girl who is connected with the new coven in town. As their relationship is tested, Zack and Isis discover this new coven has ulterior motives that will impact the fate of the world.
Mr. Rosendorf creates magic in “Witch Way to Vegas”! The newest installment of The Witches of Vegas series picks up where book three left off, yet begins anew! Readers will get more from the story if they’ve read the series, however it’s written in such a way that they will catch up on the adventure easily. Isis and Zack continue to grow as a leading couple. Together they navigate the PTSD of their time spent in the future, and they do so in a realistic way. There are enough twists that put a unique spin on the young adult, paranormal genre, keeping things fresh and fun! A few moments in the story slow the pace down, yet the world building and rich characters help make up for it. This is a great read for lovers of young adult magic!
Chelsea Andersen