Witch Song

Young Adult

FANTASY:  In an effort to force mankind to serve her, the Dark Witch Espen has captured all the Witches - all but one. Hidden by her mother, Brusenna was not trained as a Witch but as the last Witch, and on the run from Witch Hunters, she must learn and fight or be captured like the rest. Alone, Brusenna cannot save the world from the evil influence of Espen. But with the help of Witch Friends, her faithful dog, and the handsome young Guardian who has committed his life to hers, Brusenna might have a chance to defeat Espen and free the Witches, and maybe find love and herself in the process.

There is an interesting new spin on witches in this YA fantasy. They control the different aspects of nature and without them, nature will fly out of control. The plot is basically straightforward. Evil witch is trying to take over, and young witch must defeat her, with a surprising twist at the end, and great magic fights throughout. The problems for some readers might be with Brusenna’s character. She is both scared and suspicious of people, however there is little growth in her character throughout. She never moves out of the teenage angst stage, and pushes anyone who tries to help away, including her Guardian, Joshen, who is  patient and caring - and in love with her. The romance itself is rather good. It develops slowly and, despite Brusenna, is sigh-worthy. Overall, a good read for lovers of witchcraft and romance.

Sarah E Bradley