The Witch of Endor: Vampires

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/HORROR:  Cain has a curse upon his head and whoever has the misfortune of killing him will receive the curse sevenfold. Lamech is that unlucky soul and with Cain’s death finds himself reawakened as a vampire. He leaves his mortal wives and is searching for something he can’t explain when he stumbles on Lilith—a promising witch—and falls in love with the maiden. Lamech changes her to a vampire and they are happy until disaster strikes. Lamech is mourning what he believes to be death of his love while Lilith is not only surviving but flourishing in Greece.

A unique story combing biblical people, folklore, and Greek mythology which has tremendous potential to weave magic and entice the reader. Sadly, however, it falls severely short of its promise. The three large subjects being intertwined this way is simply chaos followed by inaccuracy. Second, a lack of editing manifests itself in misspelled words and dropped punctuation. The descriptions of the world and people are bland, flat and fail to hold the reader’s attention. There is no real climax, but rather a small hiccup one hardly notices. The book simply ends witht a hilarious turn of events leaving no sense of conclusion. Although it has many flaws, it is a quick read and is well suited to casual reading.

Yannie Sorensen