Witch’s Gamble (The Witches of Vegas Book 3)

Young Adult

FANTASY: Though Isis and Zack believe they’ve finally rid the world of the evil vampire/witch Valeria, they are proven wrong two hundred years later. Valeria has changed something in the past which is causing devastating changes in the present. Isis must track down what detail Valeria changed that has caused this frightening chain of events. To set things right, Isis must confront events and people from her past as well as a vengeful Valeria. But as she is the first known witch to dabble in time travel, Isis is on her own, especially when changes to the past cause Zack to disappear.

Mark Rosendorf weaves a spellbinding story with “Witch’s Gamble” that will keep readers intrigued from start to finish! This book is best enjoyed in sequence with the rest of the series as much of the plot surrounds previous events. The pacing is pristine, traveling through time with Isis seamlessly. The characterization builds upon what has already developed in previous books, deepening the readers’ connection with already beloved characters. The relationship between Isis and Zack is particularly strong, showing their unique bond after centuries together: annoyances and adoration alike. The world building remains magnificent. The plot is overall well-paced, though perhaps moves a bit on the fast side, speeding the story along rather than allowing the reader to truly savor it. “Witch’s Gamble” proves a delightful return to the Witches of Vegas, the already delightful paranormal adventures joining with time travel to add an element of excitement of surprise, but also revisit old favorites.

Shailyn Rogers