Wings of Thunder (The Thunderbird Legacy Book 2)

Erin Keyser
Young Adult

Fifteen-year-old Ivy Nimiki is not your ordinary teen-ager.  If her strange golden eyes aren’t proof enough, Ivy’s secret, one that has been carried through the centuries of her Native American Heritage, will ensure it.  She holds the keys to the Thunderbird’s power and she alone can battle the serpent who, if left unleashed, will destroy everyone she loves.  Luckily Ivy is not left to carry her burden alone, her three friends each hold part of the key that can overcome the curse and the serpent.  Unfortunately, one of those friends, Gabe, is also her true love and will die if she can’t harness the power of the Thunderbird and destroy the threat.  The problem is, she’s lost that power.

For Young Adult readers who enjoy a large dose of mysticism with their mystery, this story is a unique and creative addition.  The Native American folklore is intertwined throughout and adds an interesting twist.  If one has not read the first in this series, however, it becomes very confusing very fast, as most of the story revolves around events that took place beforehand.  With the background information, the tale continues with a smooth and enjoyable flow, although some of the events are still murky in understanding.  The character’s actions are also incongruous to that of 15 and 16 year olds, especially Ivy, who reads more like a pre-adolescent girl rather than a high schooler.  Overall, one must have faith that the third installment will iron out the rough spots and deliver the happy ending the reader is yearning for as the saga of these enthralling individuals continues.

Ruth Lynn Ritter