The Wild Hunt (Faerie Sworn #1)

Ron C.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Lily Boyd is on her way to visit her eccentric grandmother, who begins to explain to her that both of them are of the faerie. Grandmother is a faerie doctor and Lily must follow in her footsteps. Then they are attacked by hideous creatures and her grandmother disappears altogether. Lily is rescued by a handsome kelpie named Troy, who arrives just in time.  As she fights the “evil” members of the fae, Lily begins to learn that good and evil is all in the point of perception. Throughout the story, she is on a quest to find her grandmother and bring her back home.


This is a fun story and the beginning of a new series, written in the medieval time period. It’s interesting to see how the members of the fae, kelpies, brownies, and elves all interact and perceive one another. Unfortunately, the lack of editing takes away greatly from the story. There is a lot of repetition of words within sentences. The ending is very abrupt and nothing is resolved. That said, there is a startling plot twist in the last chapter that entices the reader to read the next book in this series.


Belinda Wilson