Wicked Treasure (Treasure Chronicles, Book 3)

Young Adult

Set against a steampunk backdrop, “Wicked Treasure” dishes up a political drama that emerges in the midst of people with paranormal abilities: a fortune teller, an asylum patient who can see the future, a couple who can see and raise the dead. Just another day in the life for Clark and Amethyst. But when their daughter is abducted by a clockwork lion, the family must band together once more to discover who took her and why. What they find along the way is a conspiracy that may lead all the way to the presidency...but they will only find the answers they need if they can survive the journey.

Jordan Elizabeth delivers a moody historical adventure with paranormal and steampunk elements for added flavor. Readers jumping in without having read the first two installments of the “Treasure Chronicles” may find themselves struggling to catch up with the backstory, but after the first few chapters, the story begins to take on a life of its own. The main characters are aged for the upper range of young adults, and their actions reflect that age, particularly in the face of a child being abducted. With a great deal of flippancy and very little emotional investment in any of the characters, this story will be just right for readers looking for an entertaining read without much depth.  

Amanda Lyn