Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Diana has serious plans for her future — too bad the universe doesn't care. After finding a mysterious world in a mirror as a young girl, Diana has tried to live a normal life. Ten years later, however, a bracelet she found in that mirror reappears on her wrist and her world is thrown upside down.

HISTORICAL:  Travis Cooper has always been too small and bookish for anyone to have great expectations of him. When the opportunity to journey west to California in search of gold arises, Travis seizes it with both hands. Unfortunately, the journey west is fraught with trouble and unscrupulous persons who want to take advantage of the innocent young man.

Hannah's Journey

Hannah Gardner knows she was born to race horses, just like her adopted aunt Spupaleena.  Her mother fears for her daughter’s future, and her father is frustrated by Hannah’s rebellious ways.

With These Wings

Phoenyx is torn away from her beloved Cole and his sister Chloe when the aliens that have invaded the earth abduct her.  She is one of the lucky few who escape, although she comes out severely altered by alien DNA, which includes the addition of wings. These changes make her the only hope for the remaining survivors on Earth.

Breaker lives in a world where blood matters — what color you bleed determines your tribe. The three tribes are on the brink of war, fighting for control of the planet. Malani is a red-blood, raised as a blue-blood, saved from the experiments of the green-bloods. Every tribe wants her to use her for her unique abilities, like having wings made of living metal.