Whisper: A Lakeview Novel (Lakeview Series Book 2)

Stacey R.
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  It’s Leigh’s senior year at Lakewood private school, and she been assigned a girl named Halle as her “little sister” for the year. The seniors are clearing out the attic when Halle discovers the diary of a girl named Elsie, daughter of the founder of the school. Elsie fell through the ice on the lake and died in 1914. Now her spirit is sneaking into the dreams of both Halle and Leigh, asking them to find her father’s treasure. Calum is Leigh’s boyfriend and a member of the original Stewart family, founders of the school. Together, Calum, Leigh, and Halle search for the lost treasure while keeping up with their studies and being in their rooms by lights out.


This is a great piece that is very creative and keeps one’s attention from the very beginning! Leigh, Calum, and Halle are well-developed characters, each with their own little quirks. The secondary characters are also three dimensional and add much to the story. The campus and surrounding woods are described so well, one can imagine walking with the characters wherever they go. It’s a nice touch that Ms. Campbell decided to share the contents of the diary with the reader - it is realistic and typical as to what a fifteen year old would write about. Although this is the second book in a series, it works well as a stand-alone novel.


Belinda Wilson