Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

PARANORMAL:  Jude Gallagher has been taking care of herself ever since her father died and left her mother broken and Jude without his guidance. Hearing music in her head should be a clear sign that she’s lost it, but when her best friend Kane tells her how he really feels, taking the next step means secrets come out: some of which she’s not ready to face.

For All to See

Erik spends his days hiding behind his computer, seeking ways to poke holes into the masks other’s wear, to expose the truth for all to see.  Christine puts on a smile for the camera but deep down desires to embrace life and the world around without the glossy finish.  When Christine loses some photos that hold the truth about her dreams, she seeks the help of Erik and his computer hacking skil

Soul Catchers

Wren Lewis wants to be normal. Having magic or Sense is illegal. Unfortunately for Wren, she not only has a strong Sense, but attracts the one thing everyone fears more, a wolf. To kill a wolf is to become the wolf, and when Wren kills the one attacking her mother, she is forced on the run. Wren expects the wolf will soon consumer her, but Liam Stevens has other plans.

Between Silk and Sand

FANTASY:  Seventeen-year-old Saraid, princess of Thekla, is set to marry the ruler of the far off but strategically important land, although she has yet to meet him. On her journey to her wedding,  however, Saraid’s company is hijacked and the princess kidnapped.

A Reflection of Ice

Teen-age Lyra has a tumultuous relationship with her stepmother. After discovering the woman’s affair while her dad is out of town, Lyra escapes to the woods to avoid her stepmother’s dangerous anger. A cryptic musical sound lures her deep into the woods, to a castle made of ice with a winsome, lonely man who welcomes her warmly.