What Lies Beneath

Young Adult

FANTASY: Nurse, Ambulance Driver, Navy Base Secretary are all occupations denied to 17 year old Emma Verlaine. Desperate to escape her sheltered life and do something meaningful to support the young men enlisting to fight in the Great War. Malcolm helps run his family's Cape Cod resort and leads a secret special patrol team for the US Navy. When Emma arrives on the island to stay with her grandmother for the summer, Malcolm is intrigued by his instant connection with Emma and her affinity with the coastal seals. When midnight kisses and two well-kept family secrets bring Emma and Malcolm closer together, they work as a team against dark forces threatening not only the country but their chance to swim along the shores of love.

"What Lies Beneath" beautifully knits patriotism, self-discovery, and bravery galore into a mystical pattern of young love and legendary lore! Characters are endowed with depth, humor, and flaws that make them very relatable. The landscape of a coastal town and its small town sensibilities flows off the pages like a riptide that pulls readers down into a world of natural wonder and gossiping matrons. The innocent yet passionate chemistry of Emma and Malcolm is enchanting. The desire to be a part of something greater than one’s self is deeply felt. Secondary characters are well-rounded substantial personalities relevant to the progression of the story. The traitorous heavies are diabolical villains readers will not find hard to despise. Readers will be instantly caught under the spell of the great storytelling talents of Marissa Doyle as she combines small town life and wartime efforts with the excitement of espionage, mythical creatures, and blossoming romance.

Tonya Mathenia