Weaving Magic

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Young Adult

Addictions come in many forms. Some sneak up over time and are obviously harmful and dangerous. Some may even seem safe and helpful.  No matter what, the truth is that the escape from reality is the real problem, one that must be faced and conquered.
Christopher is fighting with his addiction daily. It has cost him everything and now he must get used to life without the help of drugs and alcohol.  Magic helps.  So could a girl he vaguely remembers named Shantel.  In a time when his family, his life, everything, seems to be falling apart she could be his safe harbor - or could she?
Shantel  has an addiction of her own - living in a fantasy world.  Forever pretending her life is something else, somewhere else, in a land of romance and dashing heroes.  A  world where she’s not alone; a world in which her mother is still living.  When Christopher comes and their romance starts to blossom, it seems some of her dreams have come true. Or is that just fantasy once more?
Dealing with serious issues like addiction isn’t easy, so it’s admirable that Mindy Hardwick chose to tackle it here. However, the execution is severely lacking. Perhaps because of the brevity of the book? The characters, despite their problems, didn’t feel substantial enough to be empathized with. Their romance was too fast and hard to believe. The plot itself didn’t feel focused or purposeful, and the paranormal aspect felt very out of place and unnecessary.  This is all very unfortunate after the promising premise of the story and the potential of thi promising author.
Mimi Smith