A Weapon of Magical Destruction: Agents of ASSET Book 1

Young Adult

PARANORMAL/MAGICAL REALISM:  Sage is used to receiving stares and questioning comments about the odd-shaped birthmark on her wrist, but after her mother’s death, it  darkens into a definitive tree shape. If that were the only change taking root she would be concerned but able to deal with it, however, with the darkening of the tree she is also learning of magic, different races and species, and the threat of an impending magical war. Pulling on strength she could have only gotten from her mother, Sage is on the front lines of preventing this war while dealing with everything thrown her way.

Author Katie Salidas has written an enticing, mesmerizing story, which truly makes magic come alive and takes readers on an incredible journey of discovery. Everything about this book is well written, believable, and propels the tale forward, including the author creating a full history for the people Sage is discovering. Several plot twists are strewn about but with enough foreshadowing right before they happen so as not to startle the senses, but they do render the reader speechless. Alas, as the case with all great stories, there are a couple of oversights — a smattering of highly distracting grammatical errors and a place where a person would have called the police because the protagonist had completely gone missing, but a character blaringly did not. Besides those downfalls, it only has one other and that is that it must come to an end!

Yannie Sorensen