Julia Leigh
Young Adult

Carrie Kent has a special ability - one that might help others with special abilities - so when asked, she leaves California to help her Aunt Crystal at The Institute. However, a simple side job turns into life or death race to avoid capture by a secret criminal organization called E.Y.E who are willing to do anything to use or silence the group. With the help of her new friends Carrie must take control of her ability and decide who to trust.

A dystopian/sci-fi YA adventure involving teens with special abilities, a love triangle, and a female lead with more power than she realizes. Readers who enjoy modern-day teens with powers, fleeing and fighting an evil corporation should add this book to their to-read piles, as “Waybrooke” will fit right in. The different characters with their quirks and powers are interesting, particularly since people with powers don’t seem to be a public secret, similar to later versions of X-men. However, while the premise is good, Carrie is rather weak as a heroine, with no real direction. And, although this is explained, it can sometimes be hard to want to root for her. Also the story lacks any real twists to make it stand out from the crowd. Still, a good read for a lazy afternoon.

Sarah E Bradley