The Warrior Prophet (The Watcher Saga #3)

Young Adult

Although still just in high school, Mia Crawford has had to deal with more scary things than imaginable! As a “Prophet”, she not only sees the angels, demons and monsters that dwell among us, she also has visions of things to come.  The only thing saving her from going crazy at times is the love of her lifetimes, Michael.

Michael is an angel who fell because he loved Mia more than heaven, itself.  But now, after working his way out of hell and having found her again, he is sliced with an “angel killer” sword in a fight to save her.  Now Mia must make the ultimate sacrifice and go through hell (literally) to save him. 

In “The Warrior Prophet” Ms. Voisin has deftly penned an imaginative and highly creative story that draws on a mixture of human beliefs from Gods to angels to demons while still making it coherent and believable for teenagers.  Now that is talent!  It is the third in a series and really should not be read as a stand-alone, however, as it flows with the same characters and story-line throughout the continuing books.   At this point, Mia annoyingly still acts more like a petulant child at times rather than an intelligent young woman who is trying to save her one true love.  There are also many threads left hanging throughout the story such as angels being described as not having human desires and feelings yet Michael is in love, etc.  Still, it is a highly entertaining and suspenseful escape that readers of all ages will enjoy.

Ruth Lynn Ritter