Warrior Everlasting (Riders of Paradesos Book 2)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Scout has enough to deal with fighting for her life alongside her on-again, off-again boyfriend Trey—she has to battle the forces of hell who have stolen her family’s souls. Doing it all on the back of her maybe suicidal, maybe thrill-seeking unicorn, Ashra, just adds another unique aspect to the already strange situation. 

At the end of book one, Scout, Ashra, Trey, and his unicorn, Torz, have risked life and limb to make it into Aptavaras—the hellish plane that is holding their families’ souls captive by a (maybe) evil demon master. In this action-packed sequel, the rag-tag gang simply wants to make it out with their souls intact … but can they fight through hell when all the odds are so far against them? 

Those who enjoy reading about unicorns and well-crafted fantasy worlds will enjoy reading “Warrior Everlasting.” Readers beware: diving into this book without reading book one may be a confusing experience for readers who are new to the series. The novel begins in the middle of the action, and the author does not spend much time in this quick read re-establishing the context that was set up in book one. With that established, though, this book is full of drama, humor, and action from start to finish. Ms. Knight beautifully draws her characters, and they will coax substantial emotions from readers. In particular, Ariston, the demon master of Aptavaras, is a complex, multi-layered figure who readers will want to love and hate. Readers will greatly enjoy this lovely book as part of their experience with the “Riders of Paradesos” series. 

Mia Francis