Visions: Book II of the Almana Series

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Despite having to give up everything, including her immortal soul, Almana leaves the heavens for Alexa and the hope she clings to, even as they are surrounded by chaos and evil. Almana returns from the abyss plagued with visions of an impending attack on their community and the pressure is on to unite with neighboring communities. Between the hate and vicious effects of the war, Alexa and Almana must soldier on, fighting their own internal demons even as they struggle with those battling around them.

The second in the Almana Series, “Visions” jumps in with both feet. Unfortunately, it does not care if the reader jumps with it. The action starts from page one, but unless the reader is familiar with the events from the previous novel, they may feel lost for the first few chapters. The POV switches between characters furthering the confusion, as there is no clear indication as to who the narrator initially is.  However, the characters are well developed and drive the story, both by their actions and interactions with those around them. The author creates an intricate and detailed dystopian world. While interesting and fleshed out, there is not much education about it throughout the novel and the angel aspect feels out of place. Despite Almana being a main character, the story could have been just as strong solely as a dystopian YA without the paranormal aspect as the story has potential to be powerful and moving. “Visions” is part of a series and not meant to be a standalone as it relies on the reader having knowledge and background obtained from the first novel. 

 Arec Rain