Vendetta (4th book in Perilous Series)

Tamara Hart
Young Adult

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Over the past two years, Jaci has endured much: a kidnapping, watching her best friend die and suffering a betrayal that cut her deep.  At the funeral of her ex-boyfriend, his brother hands her an envelope with a computer file inside.  It contains secrets and details from the past year, adding salt to her already painful wounds.  When her father sends her a plane ticket to come visit, Jaci knows this is her chance to move past everything that happened and maybe set things right.  Jaci knows this is a mission she must take, but at what price?  Over the next weeks, she must answer that question many times and decide if finding justice is worth her life, and those of the ones she loves.

The fourth book in the Perilous Series, “Vendetta” does not disappoint.  Filled with enough background from the previous books, readers will enjoy this book on its own, although the finale would be even more powerful if the reader has been along on Jaci’s full journey.  One can relate to Jaci’s struggle either to follow her gut or to obey her mother; however, Jaci’s lies and reasoning become a little much as the story goes on.  The organization Jaci’s father is a part of makes for an interesting plot and brings great action, however one must stretch their imagination to believe Jaci would be so capable so quickly. In the end, readers will be swept away on this a roller-coaster ride of espionage, family loyalty, justice, and love.

Amy Cefoldo