Veiled Sun: A Christian Dystopian (Tomorrow’s Edge Trilogy Book 2)

Young Adult

SCI-FI/DYSTOPIAN/CHRISTIAN:  When Ian McIntyre created Project Alexandria, which provides access to human knowledge world-wide, it was meant to be an asset to help people. When Elliott Calhoun, Ian’s grandson, finds inconsistencies in the program’s design, he and his friend Lara decide to dismantle the blueprint. Elliott finds the way to break the layout is in code known as the Veiled Sun. He soon discovers everyone, including the government, wants the cryptograph. Elliott is kidnapped by an alleged friend who also wants him to disassemble the process. Elliott must find a way to get back to his family, cipher the language, prevent everyone from getting the system and terminate Alexandria. Unfortunately, everyone’s a suspect, and Elliott can trust no one.

This dystopian science fiction is a heart-stopping adventure from start to finish! The story is intricate in design, and the extraordinarily fanciful world building and complex characterizations complete the story. Yes, the book might be the second in the series, but it’s not hard to get into the tale.  The book does start slowly, but it really builds with suspense and takes off at a fantastic yet scary place. Readers who have to read a series in order will want to start at the beginning, but it’s not necessary to understand or enjoy the novel. The religion in the story doesn’t hinder the plot; it manages to create an interesting component of the Project. Elliott, the moody, teenage protagonist, acts like an adult, making very difficult decisions, yet he remains a teenager in his thoughts and actions. This impressive sequel in the series is well worth the read!

Roslynn Ernst