Unspeakable (Freedom #1)

Michelle K.
Young Adult

MYSTERY:  Willow is keeping a secret - one that traps her in an abusive relationship. Determined just to make it to graduation, Willow lies about what is going on with her popular boyfriend Jaden and at home with her mom and step-dad. However, when Brody transfers to her school he sees past her lies and shows her that the girl she is hiding is worth fighting for. However, Jaden isn’t going to let her go easily and the secret that haunts her at home may be too much for the budding relationship between Willow and Brody to survive.


A YA contemporary novel, “Unspeakable” explores the life of a teen dealing with abuse and what it takes to fight back. Although Willow is strong, it is Brody who really makes the story work. His efforts to help Willow break away from Jaden and confess her secret are done in such a way as to help Willow grow. The story’s conclusion allows for further development in book two while still tying up loose ends, including revealing Willow’s secret which packs a punch itself. Between Willow’s secret, her funny shirts, and the heart-wrenching moments between the main characters, readers will not be able to put this book down.


Sarah E. Bradley