United (Exalted #3)

Young Adult

DYSTOPIAN:  After the fall of man, how does a society learn from its mistakes and build again?  Take the most intelligent, or Exalted, rid them of the deadly emotions and teach them to lead. But absolute power will always corrupt absolutely, and when Mena and her friends discover the evil that lurks beneath and find a way to leave and work to help others do the same, their world becomes even more dangerous than ever.


In this final installment of the Exalted Trilogy, Mena and Ryker set out to find her parents and others who have gone missing.  The dangerous ruling force of the First Republic is determined to destroy all who threaten, however, and war is imminent.  Can Mena and her friends warn those they love and defend the freedoms they have come to hold so dear or will annihilation be the only recourse?


First, there must be a caveat to this book.  It really can’t be read as a stand-alone, as all three books in the trilogy form one continuous story.  If, however, one has read the first two books, this one is a fabulous culmination of an extremely addicting and engaging YA dystopian trilogy!  The writing is believable and flows well.  It is in first person and jumps between characters, which can be disconcerting at first but ultimately proves valuable and adds much greater depth in understanding of the characters and choices made. Overall, a fine ending chapter to a worthy effort!


Ruth Lynn Ritter