The Unforgettables

G. L.
Young Adult

Starting over is tough.  It’s even tougher when you move to a new town as a high school senior.  Paul Hiroshima thinks it is the end of his world when he moves to Portland, Maine, until he visits a yard sale and meets Felicia Abelard.  Their love for comic books forges a new bond when the pair learns they are next-door neighbors.  Felica knows all about being the new kid in school, and she’s still feeling like the odd man out due to the clique-ish environment of the small-town school.  Although the summer nurtured their newfound bond, new worries start when the school year begins.  Can the pressures of friendship, love, school bullies and family expectations divide Paul and Felicia or will they be overcome it all?

This young adult tale was created to make us all sigh.  Paul and Felica are polar-opposites and youthful choices are their worst enemies. Typical of a high-school upper classman Paul is a complex character that readers will appreciate as almost hero status.  Felica is a tougher character to figure out and may leave readers uncertain of her personality. In this ambitious effort to encompass all walks of life readers may find that while many elements are mentioned, not all are deeply explored and could leave readers unsatisfied with details.  There are several areas of copy editing that can be easily corrected but can distract readers with the sheer number.  As with many young adult tales there isn't so much an HEA as there is a "happy for now". Kudos to author G.L. Tomas for an unforgettable tale!

Jordyn Teel