Unfathomable Chance

Young Adult

Diana has serious plans for her future — too bad the universe doesn't care. After finding a mysterious world in a mirror as a young girl, Diana has tried to live a normal life. Ten years later, however, a bracelet she found in that mirror reappears on her wrist and her world is thrown upside down. Now, as the current Bearer of the Cosmos, Diana not only has suitors from planets all over the galaxy vying for her hand, but because she must pick a husband before becoming Empress of the Universe, she’s also constantly in danger. The reason? The last Empress of the Universe died suddenly and before her time. To try to escape her destiny, Diana must travel the galaxy and solve a ten-year-old murder to help the alien she is falling in love with.

Readers will not be able to stop themselves from falling in love with Diana as she sassily makes her way through space. She, along with the myriad of other colorful characters, draws readers to places literally out of this world. Besides some characters' unrealistic responses to serious events, everyone takes finding out that aliens truly do exist surprisingly well.  “Unfathomable Chance” gives readers the opportunity to explore the stars by introducing them to aliens and planets that will shock and amaze. Taking a creative spin on a classic science-fiction story, this book will have readers unable to put it down until the very last page! 

Hannah Hurdle